Transport – Process text 1 – Zeynep(preparer)- Arda(editor)

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How to Solve the Traffic Congestion?

The process of solving the traffic congestions is easy if you follow these four steps. The first step is increasing people awareness of traffic and traffic signs. To do this, firstly people have to be educated starting from primary school for traffic. Second, government need to give more punishment to those who cause traffic problems. For example, if people park their cars wrongly or pass from red light, government should collect high amount of traffic fine from them. After that, public transportation should be cheaper. For instance, other countries apply fifty percent discount to their public transportation. So, people will think that public transportation is cheaper than their car expenses and start to use public transportation. Next, public transportation coverage should be increased. For example, metro, train and ferry network can be extended. If there is more choices in public transportation, people will use the public transportation more. In conclusion, following aforementioned steps can help us to solve the traffic congestion.


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