Transport – Narrative Text 2 – Tutku(preparer)-Aysun(editor)

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Bad Experience in the Bus

Transportation is the most important things for the big countries also it has problems. I am living in Turkey so, I always use busses or train. Sometimes I can see some problems about passengers. I want to tell you a memory about me. When I was 10, I had to go to courses with the busses and that was the first time but it was not a good experience for me. I got on the bus after, sat on a seat and a woman came near me. I looked to her and I saw that she was older than me but I could not help her because my mom said that do not give your seat for anybody. I was embarrassed because everyone looked at me and then the elder woman shout at me and took my seat without my permission. The bus was so crowded and I could not hold to anywhere. The driver apply the breaks and I fell on the floor. So, broke my wrist and I saw her near me. She was more embarrassed than me but it is not her fault because the busses are so crowded in Turkey. After that, nobody say something about this because the people get used to it. I think that in the big countries the transportation have to be perfect if you do not want to see accident like this.


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