Transport – Narrative Text 1 – Arda (preparer)-Hakan (editor)


The Most Secured Cars: Volvo Car

This company was founded in Göteborg by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson .The first Volvo car produced in 1927. 996 vehicles were produced in the first two years of the company. In 1964, Anne Theresia Andreasson who was the wife of Assar Gabrielsson had an accident while she was driving a volvo car and she died in the accident. After that, the main purpose of the company became produce the world’s safest cars. Because of this, the most important thing for Volvo is security. As a result of this , Volvo has added many features  such as a sprained area, a child seat, a telescoping safety steering column. Volvo’s motto is “Volvo for Life”. This slogan has been chosen by company because of emphasizing on safety features.


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