Transport – Descriptive text 2 – Aysun(preparer)-Berfu(editor)

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Ataturk Airport

The Ataturk Airport is the most important airport landmark, which was located place in Istanbul. It is old name was “Yeşilköy Airport”. It is in district of Bakırkoy and Marmara sea is in south of Ataturk Airport. It is north side bounded D100 highway. It has 11 million 650 thousand m² area. 63 thousand 165 m² of domestic flights and 282 thousand 775 m² of outlines.  Also, 7 thousand 260 m² area for VIP and CIP. Domestic flights area has 12 bridge 96 check-in areas. In departure floor has 4 luggage, in arrival floor 7 luggage area. Is locate outline area has 34 bridge 224 check-in area and in departure floor 11 baggage area is locate. Ataturk airport is the biggest airport in Turkey. Because of that it is an important place.


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