Transport – Descriptive text 1 – Hakan(preparer)-Zeynep(editor)

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La Ferrari

La Ferrari is the most magnificent sport car in the world. Its height is 1.1 meter and its length is 4.7 meter. Its weight is 1500 kilogram. At the front of the car, there is a Ferrari logo and there are two neon headlights. Also it has wind shield, so car can go faster. At the sides of the car, there are two folding doors, four wheels and it has good aerodynamic design. In the back of the car, there are four exhausts, one more Ferrari logo and two tail lights. Furthermore, inside of the car, there are four leather seats and high tech digital system in order that the driver will have comfortable travel. Additionally, La Ferrari has hybrid engine which has 949 horse power. La Ferrari can go up to 350 kilometers per hour. Thanks to these features we feel like unstoppable when we drive a La Ferrari. This exotic sport car is every man’s dream. In conclusion La Ferrari is the best car in the entire world.







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